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I Remember When ...

"I remember when ..."

=> "I remember when I was in a state I did not like." If you can remember it you are no longer in it. Instead you are becoming aware of your new state as a present objective fact. And if you will remain faithful to your new awareness, it will crystallize. You will find yourself moving across a series of events which will lead you to the fulfilment of the desired state.
Neville Goddard.

(Use the phrase
"I remember when ..."
To heal yourself from present issues.)

("I remember when ...." Phrase put your present condition as past thing and it feels like you have overcome that.)

1. "I remember when I didn't have the job."
It means you have a job now.

2. "I remember when he had no money."
It means he has money now.

3. "I remember when he couldn't contribute to any charitable cause in the world."
It means he can contribute now.

4. "I remember when I couldn't go into that club."
It means I can go there now.

5. "I remember when I couldn't dine in that place."
It means I can dine where I want to now because I have the means.

6. "I remember when my friend had nothing."
It means my friend has much enough now.

7. "I remember when they were unknown."
It means they are now famous.

8. "I remember when she was ill."
It means she is healthy now.

9. "I remember when I couldn't sell a book."
It means I can sell books now.
My book is bestseller now.

10. "I remember when I couldn't sell anything I wrote."
It means now I can sell anything I write.

11. Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I remember when my reflection was so different."
It means you have changed now.
You have changed your concept of yourself.
You have gained/developed a new/winner self image.

12. "I remember when your daughter was single."
It means your daughter is married now.

13. "I remember when you were poor."
It means you are rich now.

14. "I remember when I couldn't afford to spent $400 a month for rent."
It means I can well afford it now.

15. "I remember when it was a struggle to live on my monthly income."
It means I have transcended that limitation. Now I have lots of resources to enjoy my life.

16. "I remember when when your friend expressed her desire to be married."
It means your friend is married now.

17. "I remember when you were penniless."
It means you have lots of money now.

18. "I remember when you were a failure."
It means you are successful now.

19. "I remember when I lectured at Woman's Club in Los Angeles."
It means I am no longer there, and am where I want to be.

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This blog is all about timepass emails, funny emails, romantic emails, fultoo email time pass. :)

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